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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 7, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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make sure you go to and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. keep it here on fox news channel. the most powerful name in news even pay-per-view. that will do it. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." we have a lot to talk about tonight. first, is the 2012 presidential race actually hurting the g.o.p.? a new poll says so. plus, alec baldwin gets booted off a flight. greg will tell us what that is all about. i'm sure we'll hear more. this house burned to the ground as firefighters did nothing. is the homeowner to blame for the flames? "the five" starts right now. ♪
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♪ >> kimberly: tonight's top story, president obama in a big speech in kansas saying it's a defining moment for the american middle class. >> this is the defining issue of our time. this is a make-or-break moment for middle class and those fighting to get in the middle class. what is at stake is this is a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, secure their retirement >> kimberly: some people have different interpretations about this. eric bolling has a take. you can imagine. >> eric: oddly enough i didn't use the sound bites when i was reading it. it didn't jump out. 56 minutes of this communist, socialist manifesto. what did is when he said i believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share. that sounds like socialism. this one, this is the killer.
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ready for this? his theory, we have to admit the rugged individualism and skepticism o and that is american dna but the problem is it doesn't work. is this not the country with the highest standard of living and develops life-saving drugs? what do you mean our system doesn't work? of course it works. >> bob: you might want to get your facts straight. we are not the country with highest standard of living. finland is. i don't want to go there because the women are ugly and it's dark 22 hours a day. >> oh! >> bob: what obama did is formulated his campaign. he has a perfect opportunity. republicans will fight to the death to keep the millionaire tax cuts will not give you a break on the payroll tax cut. beyond that, at christmastime, this is great, isn't it? you have to deny people
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extension of unemployment. obama has you over barrel. say all you want about the communist manifeste but in the end obama is winning this hands down. >> greg: doing it at the expense of working class americans. talk about people over a barrel, talk about the xl pipeline. that would help the working class. he is making a political maneuver not allowing that to happen. >> bob: america's working class gets the break when they talk about taking away the payroll taxes. >> greg: no one is talking about that. he is using it politically. >> bob: you don't wan think he wants to cut the payroll tax? >> dana: the pay are tax means this much when it comes to the economy. if you are president of the united states and lay the foundation again for the fifth time for your campaign, that you will run throughout the year, you think you'd have a bigger vision. what is the big vision? only thing he hangs his hat on the payroll tax cut?
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>> bob: he asked for tax bill. deans the senate democrats put that down. the line about the millionaire tax cuts is fine. it's like talking about this nitpicky stuff. where is the grand vision? he went yesterday to kansas. 100 years after teddy roosevelt did. the 26 and 27 line of the press briefing was about teddy roosevelt and how president obama read it. that speech that teddy roosevelt gave was when teddy roosevelt took a huge left turn to be a main stream president. >> bob: why is it it in nicky about millionaires when republicans are prostitutes for millionaires? >> dana: can you give me an example of that? >> bob: yeah. every republican that continues to say we are not voting for a payroll tax cut unless we get it paid for and we are not going to hold hostage the millionaire tax cut under bush. >> eric: what is wrong with paying for it? >> bob: pay for it by taxing millionaires. >> eric: how about the job creation? >> bob: that is a political maneuver. >> kimberly: real quick.
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>> eric: obama's fairness speech. 40 years ago, milton friedman gave is speech. he gave a speech about fairness. what is fair. life isn't fair, people. there is no reason one guy can hit a baseball, albert pujols, earn $20 million a year and another guy strikes out. >> kimberly: he is a great guy and does a lot for charity. >> bob: the university of chicago -- >> kimberly: here is the deal. what i love about obama, he can be different people. abraham lincoln, j.f.k., then administration began to crumble and he became ronald reagan, the great communicator and he called him the givee gifr now. channeling teddy roosevelt. he wants to tell us that no matter what we are greater together. listen to this. >> some are collectin sufferingm collective amnesia. we are better off when everybody else is left to fend
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for themselves and play by their own rules. they're wrong. we are greater together than we are on our own. i believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone gets a fair share and plays by the same rule. >> bob: you know that people are saying the same thing he is saying. the rich people don't play fair. >> dana: they will lose on think argument. >> bob: my foot. >> dana: they will. >> greg: president obama one great achievement he turned economic warfare to a hallmark card. like it the platitudes we're greater together. like the cards you got the your up at with a coin slot. it should be written you better be fair. it sounds phony. he is saying give me your money now. >> that is what it is. everybody knows it, bob.
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>> bob: it was 50 on one side and 50 on the other. 99 on one and 1 on the other. >> greg: no, no, no. why is the middle class shrinking? he is making -- >> kimberly: there is war against the middle class. that's why. >> bob: the middle class and polls say overwhelmingly support obama on the issue. >> bob: why do they say -- >> greg: envy. bob, envy is the easiest thing to stir up. people don't like people -- >> eric: that is the definition -- >> bob: i'm envious of you and eric is doing better than me. i love you still. i want to see where he said he was ronald reagan. >> kimberly: he did. he did. >> bob: sure he did. >> kimberly: i want to do chris christie. >> eric: i want to do it, too. but this is crazy. earlier in the speech he blamed atm and bank teller proficiency for the reason the economy is hurting now. again, he went back to that americans are lazy. and our -- >> kimberly: we're not lazy. i don't like that. >> dana: should we talk
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about somebody who is acting -- >> kimberly: okay. talk about someone actively, running for president. supposed to be the romney surrogate but he has power to the punch there when he gets out there. chris christie at a luncheon of the republican jewish coalition today talking about obama. >> this is a quote from the president of the united states. but we need to meet the moment. we need to up our game. mr. president. we need a leader who will lead us to the moment. who will help find what the challenges of meeting the moment means. then nt be cautious and safe and sit back and wait for someone else to do the hard work but get out of the chair and do the hard work yourself to make america a greater place. >> kimberly: i like this. he is speaking right now. >> greg: why don't you run, chris? you know? i don't like the tie/shirt combination. i couldn't see the tie. obama is truly our first green president. obsessed with green jobs, the putting green and the green in our wallet.
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>> kimberly: that is good. i like that. >> bob: the jewish community, that must have been one of the smallest crowds there was. >> dana: a great crowd. newt gingrich got stand ogvation. >> eric: one wasn't invited is ron paul. >> dana: the thing that is amazing, talk about this for a second. chris christie makes a good point. he talks about national security piece and economic piece. two driving factors of the election. one thing that president obama said today if the republicans tie the xl pipeline to help the middle class, blue collar workers. if they tie it to the tax cut, he will veto it. but he tied the payroll tax to everything political. >> bob: he doesn't want the pipeline -- >> dana: he does. he just wants to move it around. >> bob: fine. takes time to figure out where.
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>> dana: it doesn't. >> kimberly: this is a relatively conciliatory moment so we're going to break. the fights on for the presidential primary. oh, yeah. but is it hurting the g.o.p.? we debate it next. don't forget to e-mail us bob reads them all. ♪ ♪ the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet?
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." if the latest round of polls are any indication, the republican establishment may need to prepare for a gingrich candidacy. look at this poll. gallop has newt gingrich up 15 points over mitt romney. 37-22%. that is a substantial lead, right, eric? >> eric: yeah. look, they are the conservatives and they establish the republicans and the conservatives are still trying to rally behind someone. herman cain fell apart, stepped out. all the votes and supporters spread out amongst all of them. no one gained a lot because we
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thought michele bachmann might -- i spoke to sarah palin and eventually one of the, two most likely romney should step over the line and say conservatives, i know i have issues in the past but i have to start embracing you, you need to embrace me and i have a chance to win. >> dana: before we get to bob's analysis and kimberly's, one thing that is interesting is the lead is substantial and across every poll. not just gallup poll. >> greg: to use a football metaphor, we're still in the fifth inning here. people are thinking about the holidays, avoiding their in-laws. maybe the media is concerned with this. people look at newt like the parent who comes home and finds out his son threw a kegger and says let's clean up the mess. mitt would just hire a maid. he is the adult to fix what is wrong with america. >> dana: romney said he would make closing arguments,
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he said it on neil cavuto's she and said this is when he will seal the deal. too late? >> it's a question whether he can do it and be authentic doing it. not the guy he is. he skated all year. when you skate you don't get if combat mode. he needs to be in the last few debates. the poll by gallup is important. gingrich tripled his support in a month. tripled it. when romney stayed at 21 for the entire month, which has been the signature for the year, the other thing about gingrich here is we talk about the intensity factor. in iowa, gingrich has now won electability mantle. he is seen as more electable as romney, which is romney's poet. that is the equivalent of what in wall street? some guys making phone calls if you are organized.
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gingrich is not getting his message out? >> eric: he doesn't have the money. >> bob: he has the money but hasn't converted it to organization. in iowa by this time, the caucus goers from 50 to 60% of the front runner to the organization. gingrich just now opening up the headquarters in the 99 counties. is mitt romney doing a stealth campaign in iowa? i don't know. the best campaign depends on some enthusiasm. he ain't there. >> kimberly: he better light candles and start praying. that's what i do. >> dana: are you surprised that some of the other candidates that cain stepped down that some of the other candidates haven't done better. that michele bachmann who won the iowa straw poll. >> kimberly: you would expect. he put out a direct call saying people who support cain can should gravitate toward her, because she was the tea party candidate. we didn't see it translate at all. what you saw is what bob said, newt tripled the number. you have been around a long,
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long, long, long time. have you seen it happen before? >> bob: i saw it in the lincoln race. [ laughter ] no, i haven't seen it before. the other thing is the lack of -- this goes to romney. not suggesting that romney is a woundedandidate but he is no longer the front runner. we talk about this as a two-person race. it takes the others out of list. new hampshire doesn't always reward winner of iowa. there is not a republican that won iowa that went on to win -- >> kimberly: true. >> greg: the one difference between gingrich and everybody else, everybody is listening to the media and to democrats saying be careful. obama is popular. gingrich says i don't care. >> dana: this is one of the things, we do two things quickly, the question we asked in the opening of the show,
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which is a new poll asks is the presidential race and the day-to-day back and forth, is it hurting the republicans? bob, you had insight. >> bob: the more they look at the g.o.p. field the less they like him. 13% say the more they like him. the problem from obama standpoint it should convert to increase in support from obama standpoint, but in fact it's about a split. 20% of the g.o.p. field is worse. it helps obama. 20% think it doesn't. didn't. he is not getting the support base he could get. >> eric: the poll, if you go to the first one, the g.o.p. field getting better or worse, it's taken as cain went through the step down procedure. but as you go through iowa, new hampshire, maybe south carolina, if candidates start to drop, conservative candidates start to drop. if they throw their support
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behind one or the other, that may rally the whole conservative movement. >> greg: this is like teenagers playing truth or dare. you get all the gossip and afterwards you icky. >> kimberly: real quick. we discuss about the endorsement. newt got a key endorsement in new hampshire. that is significant. the numbers changed now in terms of people see him as electable. that is a big deal as well. >> dana: news today out of the -- a little news. we have don't have it confirmed that the white house, david axelrod, who is president obama's campaign advisor is now, they're looking back and going wait a second, we thought we were going to run against romney. now it's gingrich and it's nastier. >> bob: we better be careful. we need to talk about this in the next segment. it's an important issue. if you think that gingrich is beatable. reminiscent that we thought in
11:21 pm
1980 reagan was beatable. you have to be careful. i argue that gingrich if he stays out of trouble is a stronger candidate than mitt romney. >> dana: i agree. coming up, did you hear about alec baldwin getting the boot from the american airlines flight? greg gutfeld has thoughts on that. i'm looking forward to that. daddy, come in the water!
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." what kind of man in his 50s throws a tantrum over a toy? alec baldwin, of course. he got kicked off a plane when told he couldn't play electronic game. he slammed the restroom door so loud it spooked the pilot. it's too easy to rip baldwin over this. like this jerk.
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alec thinks it's funny and all going on twitter. everyone in the plane had to wait for him to move his big fat rump. isn't he season unthinkable [bleep]? what a creep! devilishly handsome but still a creep. when you think about it? isn't baldwin the real hero here? two sets of rule in america. one for us and then one for the truly vulnerable. celebrities. someone has to stand up for the self-absorbed stars who are often bullied by the little people. sure the tantrum delayed everyone's departure, in the movie that is his life, they are just players. who cares? i condemn those who say the behavior wreaks of hypocrisy. he is pro-union but slurs the working class flight attendant. he is a greenie but flies cross-country constantly. in celebrity life, hypocrisy doesn't exist. being a phony bleeding heart allows you to be a real life jerk. i am starting a new charity.
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buy alec a drone. send me donations and we'll buy a plane from a salt flat in utah to take him wherever he wants. no one has to deal with the unsufferable jerk and he can play the games in the sky like a giant man baby in oversized diaper. dana, i read this story and i wonder are there any good machinmenleft? >> dana: this is a question, which is what i asked in the break and i'm glad you thought it was worth noting. it's amazing he wasn't in a snuggie and hunkered down to play the game. this is why american women can't find good men to marry. i was lucky and met one on a plane. >> dana: it was not alec baldwin. >> dana: can you imagine this guy wants to play a video game so badely he will -- badly and he will risk his reputation and chance to be mayor of this city? >> greg: it sounds like a
11:28 pm
guy to leave threatening messages on his daughter's phone. the tweet he put out said imagine for a second -- okay. do you have up there? the last flight with american, we're retired the catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s find jobs as flight attendants. imagine the catholics are replaced with muslims? >> eric: he would be reading the book and probably "an inconvenient truth" by al gore. did we notice -- >> dana: i don't think he reads. >> eric: baldwin's tweets came out and if you read those he was treated horribly by the flight attendants who were rude to him. he was minding his own business. parked at the gate. then you hear american airlines' side of the story. >> dana: good for them. rare a company will go back and like we're not going to be bullied. >> eric: he scared the pilots.
11:29 pm
>> dana: worse than "snakes on a plane." he is. >> greg: giants on a plane. you often say that alec baldwin would make a great mayor of new york. how can you have somebody throwing tantrum on public tranortation being mayor? that's the last thing we need in mayor. >> bob: you are lying. i never said that. he need somebody to defend him. every plane i'm on they use it down the taxiways and nobody says anything about it. i think he has some point there. but the way he reacted to it is obnoxious. that is what his reputation is. bathrooms are supposed to be used to go to bathroom and snort drugs. >> kimberly: mile high club. >> bob: have you been there? >> kimberly: no! >> greg: let's not go in that direction. i don't want to be talked to someone after the show. how many time times that times c
11:30 pm
baldwin hit on you? >> kimberly: he would find me offensive. catholic school -- i mean why are they taking on the catholic school teacher. >> dana: he is probably the guy that treats his staff bad. like someone is mean like the producer or somebody. >> bob: i think we need to be careful indicting all celebrities there. must be thousands of them flying every day. they're not all obnoxious people. >> greg: right. they're no fun. >> bob: fine, they're all jerks and like that. >> kimberly: what is that? >> eric: don't call it scrabble. they don't like -- it's like scrabble but they play it on the internet. >> kimberly: thinking man's game? >> greg: scrabble for swingers. >> kimberly: okay. that was a good comment.
11:31 pm
on the program pierce morgan about shipping. morgan pressed him on the wealth. i believe we have something called the sox. >> you wouldn't dispute you have millions of dollars? >> first film i made $3 million. they gave me a check from this company right here. thank you. in 1989. i had a couple good years, "fahrenheit 9/11" and in those years i was in the 1%. >> you don't qualify every year. >> most years i don't. >> so that was pierce morgan show. >> michael moore looks a guy that plays video games and instead chooses to work out. >> dana: sometimes i'm in the 1% and sometimes i'm not. that is a good point. that is why the census comes
11:32 pm
out. says after the financial crisis of fall of 2008 a lot of people that were in the upper bracket lost a lot. and now they try to come bk. that is the reason we have a fight against class warfare. if you think they aren't productive or creating jobs you are wrong. >> bob: msnbc. you talk about the 1%? she had the gal to say what is "the five"? i find that really bothers me coming from msnbc who nobody knows what it is. >> dana: it's not morning micah. >> bob: is it? i never heard of the other guy. >> greg: morning joe. a medical condition. >> eric: let me point out
11:33 pm
something about the michael moore. he can't add. if he made $3 million. his net worth is estimated at $15 million. even if he is half of that and puts in the worst -- >> dana: even if you are rich you don't feel that way. >> bob: a lot of 1%ers are good people. >> eric: really? >> greg: michael moore didn't start out to get rich. this is a guy i don't think ever intended to be rich. >> kimberly: he is not spending money on clothes. >> kimberly: you are, baby. -- >> bob: you are, baby. >> kimberly: that's what i'm saying. >> greg: coming up, a house burns to the ground and firefighters watch. is that the craziest part of the story? if i told you that now, then this would be a terrible tease and i'd probably be fired. if that happened how would i pay for this tuxedo onesy i got for the pet iguana, sergeant web face. >> kimberly: wow! you probably do have one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( phone ringing )
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." next story is getting a lot of heat today. look at the house. it burned to ground as firefighters stood by and watch. it has happened before in the city of south fulton, tennessee. firefighters can't put the fires out because the homeowner chose not to pay the $75 fire fee. they call it pay to spray or something like that. >> greg: first, i hate these stories and i love these stories. i hate, i love them and i hate them. the reporters use puns like spark outrage and feel the heat. subscription fees are for magazines. i don't understand how you have a subscription fee for a
11:40 pm
fire department imagine if it was police situation. a cop doesn't stop a mugging. >> kimberly: or a rape or murder. >> greg: i don't understand this. i'm for small government. >> eric: i pitched this and everyone said this is terrible. i said i'll take the other side of it. dana, you are coming around to my side this is okay. >> dana: after i read up on it and understood what the situation is, the house is not in the city. not like on a main street. it's in the rural area. the agreement that the citizens have come to so far, maybe it will change if you want fire protection in that rural area, you have to pay the $75 fee. some people choose not to pay for it. the firefighters have to go out of there because of the people protection. but they can't do anything to spray down the house. >> kimberly: this is terrible to be honest. i don't know how you can be a firefighter, in your name and not put of a fire and let somebody's home burn down with all their possessions. and belongings.
11:41 pm
how about -- this is ridiculous. how about charge them an extra fee. okay, you pay the $75? are you kidding me? they offer to pay anything. >> eric: there are -- i believe it's 400 homes or whatever, three-quarters of the people paid the fee. got forbid they are putting out a fire that isn't life threatening. someone has a real fire someone is dying inside of a fire. >> kimberly: could happen anytime. >> bob: isn't this isn't a trailer park is it? look, i tend to agree with this more. it would be like a doctor seeing someone dying on the street and not doing something about it. >> kimberly: because they worry about obamacare paying the bill. >> bob: listen, i used to have a house in jackson, wyoming. if you had a fire alarm go off in your house and there wasn't a fire you were charged $400
11:42 pm
something to go out there. instead of not putting out the fire, take eminent domain and take the land. put out the fire and take the land. >> greg: what if somebody was camping and there was a fire on their tank. would you fight for that? how about this? what if china invaded hawaii and -- >> dana: then indonesians came in and then -- >> greg: the navy says no, we want netflix. kim what is going on at that end of the table? crazy. what if -- what if this was a mansion or something. then they wouldn't be tinking they wouldn't get paid or compensated. not nice. not nice. >> eric: there is an international firefighters association that said they are absolutely wrong, they should have put the fire out. the fire department said if there was a pet or person inside they would have put the
11:43 pm
fire out. >> greg: so hide under the bed. >> kimberly: flame retardant -- >> bob: what about your personal property, effects and other stuff? >> kimberly: this is not nice. i'm angry with this. >> bob: you firefighters ought to be fired. >> eric: your assessment was clearly hot. >> greg: thank you! >> kimberly: wow! >> eric: coming up, rick perry in the hunt and looking for a comeback in iowa now. going after obama war on religion. it's provocative. so we will talk about it. show it to you next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." i'm not sure why rick perry is wasting his money with the campaign ads, given h far down in the polls he. is but he did. it's a cheap shot on obama and religion. let me first turn to -- huh? >> eric: see what this pause? >> i'm not ashamed to admit i'm a christian. you don't need to be in the pew every sunday to know something is wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our
11:48 pm
kids can't openly celebrate christian or pray in school. as president,'ll end obama's war on religion. >> bob: sorry about that. i got yelled at on that one. c'mon, bob! okay. the last vestige of a loser is attack someone on religion. the idea of taking on president obama on religion is cheap, disgraceful, disgusting. rick, go back to your farm where you shoot with your sign. okay? >> kimberly: not nice. >> greg: you say that is bad. i say economic warfare is bad. we don't need to look for economic issues. the biggest social issue right now is the economy. nothing is more antisocial in my mind than pitting americans against each other to win an election. i'll be right back. >> eric: where are you going?
11:49 pm
>> greg: nowhere. >> eric: very effective. >> bob: go ahead. >> eric: we talk where is if non-romney vote? it's spread out amongst a bunch of candidate. this ads hits home. this is the far right. a lot of people in the office is like where has he been for two months? >> dana: i found the ad strange. i had a friend that e-mailed saying they thought it was a viral video. it's contrary to how he started to run for office. for past week i said rick perry would surprise us and come back. yesterday in the "new york times"/cbs poll we talked about 81% of the people in iowa said the most important issue is economy. 14% said the most important issue is social issues. wife are you spending money and time on this when you were the governor with a record to show you can grow jobs in a tough economy and that you can lead and manage and three-times elected governor of texas and that is your
11:50 pm
selling point. >> kimberly: i don't think it resonateed for him. at this stage in the game trying to get traction and momentum that he had months ago he is trying to appeal really. social conservatives and tea party people who elect change. >> greg: if you see the commercial you feel like he is going to tell you about how he improved his cholesterol. >> bob: he clearly has. gallup poll show what is is most important to viewers in iowa. you talk about this, the economy versus the social issues. iowa used to be dominated by social issues. that is what rick santorum and others are running on. gotten no traction on it for good reason. this raises another question to take us back from loser like perry to newt gingrich. this is the first time i have seen the republican party at the presidential level led by the grassroots as opposed to the establishment. i'm not sure it has establishment anymore. people against gingrich are
11:51 pm
those who have known newt a long time and can't stand him. if they haven't figured out the grassroots of the conservative movement running the party, they are missing something. >> eric: in 2010 should have given them a heads up. you have brought out a poll out two weeks ago and said the tea party, look the support is wayneing. i don't think it. it's just they are waiting for right candidate to get traction. >> kimberly: bring back grassroots, eric? >> bob: i said they were waning in the general electio election. i don't think they wayne in the republican primary or -- waning in the republican primary or caucus. in general election tea party won't do you a favor and the right wing election won't do you a favor. it's won in the middle. did you tell me totease? >> dana: if i could just say i think nobody has been talking about gays serving in the military. then he proactively brought it up for a lot of republicans say look, this issue has been put to bed. we moved on. some people like michele
11:52 pm
bachmann said she would overturn it if she became president. like on "american idol" when someone hits an offkey. i felt that perry did. >> bob: other thing is you attack obama on religion. attack him on the economy as free as you want. but people still like the guy and i don't believe he is antireligion. up next, speaking about a great person the circus has come and you not going to believe what he did after he was sentenced. ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning
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>> kimberly: welcome back to "te. five." rod blagojevich is going to big house. sentenced to 14 years for political corruption. he quoted the famous poet "if" by kipling. >> in the poem "if" he wrote if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat the two imposters just the same, catty and i and especially me, this is a time to be strong and a time to fight through adversity, time to be strong
11:57 pm
for the children and for me and patty and patty and i to get home to explain to the kids, babies amy and annie, what happened and what all of this means and where we are going from here. we will keep fighting on through the adversity. >> greg?on. >> greg: dana was correcting the grammar. he is going to jail, which is graduate school, he will do fine. he is a ringer for annette bounachelo. >> kimberly: going to get hair products in the jail? >> greg: they will take away his giant brush. >> eric: you are right, the prior governor of illinois is in jail. a long list of chicago politicians have been to jail or are than way to jail. a couple i can think of in politi. >> bob: i never heard of the poem "if" but i heard of kipl
11:58 pm
kiplinger -- kipling. edwin edwards governor of louisiana famously said the only way he will get defeated is if he is found with a live boy or a dead woman. in blago case, neither one of those is the case. he may be the worst single politician in my life. can i finish up about blago? he has fought this and got on television and done the rest of this stuff. give him credit for this. he has kept the scam going for a long, long time. when he was caught on tape offering this up. the people he was talking to, one of them were indicted. not one. >> eric: not yet. not yet. one under investigation. jackson junior, they are looking into him. >> bob: we are supposed to -- >> kimberly: no, bob. you are getting crazy. >> greg: ask dana a question. >> bob: she was making fun
11:59 pm
of his hair. didn't you think he was upstanding citizen? >> dana: i am glad that the judge did a 14-year sentence there. has to be some sort of punishment for behavior. >> bob: that is much, don't you think? >> dana: i don't. it sets a good example. >> bob: now is the time. >> kimberly: finally tonight -- >> 1941, a date which will live in infamy. the united states was suddenly and deliberateliry tacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> kimberly: we here at "the five" want to make a moment to remember the anniversary of pearl harbor. 70 years ago today the japanese attacked the country killing over 2,000 americans and leading us in to world war ii. december 7, 1941, a day which will live in


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